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Reverend Peytons big Damn Band.

Reverend Peytons big Damn Band.
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  The term "Americana" is used to describe a wide range of bands these days but I can't think of a band that it fits better than The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. The Rev. J. Peyton, his wife Breezy and drummer Ben Bussell are a living breathing embodiment of the traditions and hard work ethic native to their Brown County, Indiana home. These three are the real deal. There are no hipster affectations, just real from the heart music, handmade in the Southern Indiana hills, and they are 100% genuine. Their new album Between The Ditches is a chronicle of this lifestyle. "Burn up some backroads, drive up to the storeThey just don't make 'em like this anymore"ore"

Tuesday 15th August Doors Open 7.30p.m.

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Rev Peyton's first introduction to music was his father's record collection of blues-oriented rock. At age 12 his father gave him a Kay brand guitar, eventually purchasing a Gorilla amplifier once he learned to play. And play he did. He became infatuated with pre-World War II country blues, and a desire to learn the finger-picking style of artists like Charlie Patton. A technique he mastered and employs like few others can. Fingerstyle refers to using each of the right hand fingers independently in order to play the multiple parts of a musical arrangement that would normally be played by several band members. Bass, harmonic accompaniment, melody, and percussion can all be played simultaneously when playing fingerstyle.


Keith Richards has said that the first time he heard Robert Johnson's recordings he asked "Who's the other guy playing with him?" Of course there wasn't one. When you listen to the songs on Between The Ditches you will be hard pressed to believe it is only one guitarist.


"Nothing’s really free
It all comes with a fee"


Misfortune struck the Rev. early on in the form of a dehabilitating condition that caused excruciating pain in his hands. Doctors told Peyton he'd never be able to hold his left hand in fretting position again. But he persevered and when the bandages were removed, Peyton discovered a new flexibility and greater control in his fretting hand that enabled him to play in the fingerstyle that he longed to play.






"If it's me with you
Then we'll get through"


It was during his convalescence that he met his wife to be, Breezy. “I was crazy in love with her right from the start". He credits Breezy with installing a confidence in his playing and his life in general that he had previously lacked. Breezy Peyton's explosive washboard playing, sweet back-up vocals and striking good looks didn't hurt their live show either.


Completing the trio is Ben Bussell on drums. "He's a human metronome", says the Rev. With their line up finalized the band sold everything they owned in a garage sale and headed out on the open road. The Big Damn Band plays more than 250 dates per year, the majority of their dates are headlining, but they have opened for an eclectic mix of other artists, and played many festivals.


"I’ve been broke down (BROKE DOWN) from sea to shining sea
You’ve been everywhere, I’ve been broke down there
And three times in Tennessee"


In 2009, they toured opening for Clutch, an extensive headlining tour of Europe and began their relationship with the Van's Warped Tour, playing 12 dates in 2009 on the Kevin Says stage. They were on the entire 2010 Van's Warped Tour on the Alternative Press stage and they received the Best Band of Warped Tour award, voted by the crew, bands, and promoters. They've also toured with Flogging Molly, Rev. Horton Heat, Derek Trucks and Mofro just to name a few.

With a reputation for their incinerary live shows well established The Big Damn Band set out to record the album that would finally capture the same heat. "I'm very proud of this album, the songwriting and the playing." As he well should be. Not content to simply mimic their influences, Between The Ditches finds the band using their considerable knowledge of their roots and creating a sound totally their own. The guitar playing alone should put the Rev. in a class with his much revered idols and the songwriting runs the gamut in subject matter from the barn burning, tongue in cheek, Shut The Screen , where "It’s too dang hot and the bugs are too dang mean" to the evils of strip mining, an issue close to the hearts of this Indiana born and bred band in, Don't Grind It Down. There seems to be a theme expressed throughout the album and stated clearly in their first single, Devils Look Like Angels: "Devil don’t live down in hell, the devil’s right here doing very well".


This band is fun sure, a lot of fun, but they are for real. Virtuoso musicianship and great songwriting, Between The Ditches has got it all. All from a little Brown County, Indiana band that's got the nerve (and the right) to call themselves, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band!

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